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The Reasons WHY Divorce Attorneys and Mediators Partner up with TOVA, are to: ensure that ALL retirement assets have been identified, avoid malpractice errors in settlements, value marital share correctly and protect non-marital share, negotiate fair settlements, secure marital interest with the right language, divide retirement assets without triggering taxes and minimize QDRO delays and rejections
Denisa Tova-Liebman,

CEO & Founder

How Divorce Attorneys Partner up with TOVA

Tova QDRO Services Timeline

Writing retirement settlement language can be a daunting task for many attorneys. Read here how TOVA helps with this.

The language has to: 1) identify all retirement assets, benefits and entitlements correctly; 2) define the marital share and non-marital share accurately; 3) identify the correct vehicle for tax-free transfer; 4) describe the correct survivorship option; and 5) meet the provisions of the retirement plans. Many attorneys admit that this is the area in which they don’t feel confident or are afraid of malpractice. At TOVA we will do a thorough review of your settlement language and consult to give you and your clients piece of mind that retirement assets have been fairly and equitably divided according to their stipulation.

Attorneys want to ensure that they have safeguarded a marital share of the retirement assets/benefits for the non-owner spouse and protected any non-marital benefits for the owner spouse. Read here how TOVA helps with this.

At TOVA we assist in conducting a thorough due diligence to ensure that all retirement assets and benefits have been accurately identified. We consult and execute the most appropriate method to value retirement assets in order to determine the marital share and also to protect any non-marital components. We educate you/your clients about survivorship protection.

Attorneys are concerned about malpractice / negligence lawsuits. Read here how TOVA helps with this.

TOVA has a team of industry experts with vast experience who conduct unparalleled due diligence and who will consult on, and review, divorce settlements during negotiations to give you peace of mind.

Many divorce practitioners let their QDRO cases pile up. Read here how TOVA helps with this.

We have found that this usually stems from having a lack of understanding of how to best evaluate and equitably distribute retirement assets. Many attorneys partner up with TOVA to manage this aspect of the case from beginning to end to help you clear your desk. See the timeline below.

How Divorce Attorneys Partner up with TOVA

Many divorce attorneys are uncomfortable answering their clients’ questions about retirement benefits and survivorship. Read here how TOVA helps with this.

At TOVA we ease your discomfort by getting on the phone with you/your clients to answer those questions. We also consult on settlement options.

Attorneys are frustrated with QDRO and pension valuation providers because of poor follow up and response time. Read here how TOVA helps with this.

At TOVA you will always know who is handling your case. We have a dedicated team to get you onboard quickly, to work with you on uploading all required financials,  and to assign you to one of our experts.

Most attorneys find the area of retirement assets and QDROs confusing. Read here how TOVA helps with this.

Let us educate you and your firm about the ABCs of retirement assets, how to conduct the due diligence correctly, and avoid top mistakes in settlements. Sign up for one of our Free webinars

How TOVA improves Your Bottom Line

TOVA provides boutique level service and competitive pricing. Our expert retirement settlement and valuation consulting allows you and your client to negotiate with full information, therefore adding a value to your client service. This also reduces delays resulting from wasteful document requests and rejection of the wrong settlement language by retirement plan administrators. This reduces client legal fees, leads to greater client satisfaction and increased referrals.

Client Testimonials

We are very proud of the service we provide and stand by our work
“Denisa is a true pro. I trust her judgment and even when we’re dealing with a high asset case, she communicates efficiently and ethically. She makes a tough time easier for so many families.”


“I read the QDRO, it’s extremely detailed, it’s very thorough.”

Judge in Stamford, CT District Superior Court

“It has been a pleasure to work with Denisa on several QDROs, some of which were fairly complicated. She is attentive, diligent and prompt in drafting and revising the QDROs. With updates along the way, I know that the matter is being handled professionally and efficiently. When presented with more complex issues, she has offered pragmatic, problem-solving solutions. It’s great working directly with Denisa who is handling each QDRO with the personal attention of a financial professional”.


“Dear Ms. Tova: As a former district court and trial court judge for over 21 years, I want to extend my personal thanks to you for assisting citizens with dividing their finances rationally during their divorce. As a former state district court judge, I handled thousands of divorces and would have loved to have the types of services that you offer in divorce cases that I presided over.”

United States Magistrate Judge

“Denisa was engaged to prepare a Domestic Relations Order (DRO) for a non-qualified pension plan. She was insightful, exceptionally responsive, and collaborated effectively with me and my attorney. When submitted for approval, the Court commented that the DRO was extremely detailed, very thorough, and it appears to cover all the contingencies”.


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