Denisa Tova-Liebman

Denisa Tova-Liebman is a Certified Financial Planner (CFP®), Certified QDRO Specialist (CQS™), Certified Divorce Financial Analyst (CDFA™), and brings nearly 20 years of experience working with matrimonial attorneys. She has assisted in hundreds of matrimonial matters both in the US and internationally. Her unique financial background allows her to provide expertise in the areas of retirement asset valuation, tracing analysis to determine marital/non-marital component, QDRO preparation, drafting of settlement language that comports to the provisions of the retirement plans, and consulting on settlement options of retirement assets. In addition to ‘standard’ QDROs, she has prepared and consulted on complex DROs for various supplemental/excess non-qualified plans for highly compensated executives. Denisa is also a recognized QDRO / Pension Valuation expert for the UK lawyers and the Courts and her expert report and pension sharing orders have been accepted by the UK Courts. She is frequently appointed by US and UK lawyers to perform analysis and valuation of retirement assets, draft settlement language and provide options for equitable distribution settlements.

Denisa has been qualified and has testified as an expert in New York Supreme Court 9th judicial district. She also consults attorneys in foreign jurisdiction on the valuation of retirement assets. Her pension sharing and QDRO work have been accepted by the UK Courts.

Denisa frequently presents on QDROs and Valuation of Retirement Assets related matters and has presented to many Matrimonial Bar Associations (New York, Connecticut, Colorado), private law firms as well as solicitors and lawyers in England. For several years, prior to coming to New York, she  appeared live on TV as a financial expert for the Colorado NBC, ABC affiliates and Fox News, breaking down complicated financial topics.

  • Authored an article in the New York State Bar Law Review titled “Hidden Gems within the IRS Code Offer Great Opportunities for Much Needed Liquidity in Divorces”, December 2018.
  • For almost five years, served as an on-air financial analyst for several TV stations.
  • Presented to several New York and Colorado Bar Associations as well as various business organizations.
  • Contributed as a personal financial columnist for The Denver Post.
  • Served as an Adjunct Professor and taught a personal finance course for  Colorado Tech University.
  • Contributing writer to “Investing in Uncertain Economy for Dummies” book, published in 2008.
  • Has been quoted in, contributed to, and wrote an article or column for: New York State Bar Law Review, Denver Post, Chicago Tribune, and Colorado Springs Gazette, to name a few.

Media & Publications

Education & Professional Certifications


  • Retirement Basics Bootcamp webinar
  • How to Fairly Value and Divide US Pensions in Cross-Border Divorces webinar
  • US Pensions in International Divorces webinar


  • Division of US Pensions in UK Divorce webinar: presented to Watson Thomas Solicitors
  • Mark Crawford Esq.
  • Judicial Institute with Judge Cheryl Joseph webinar
  • The New York Fire Pension webinar
  • Kasowitz Bension Torres Law Firm
  • Kenneth Weinstein Law Firm
  • New York Association of Collaborative Professionals (NYACP) (Part Two)
  • Rudyuk Law Firm, PC
  • New York State Bar Association (Part One) – CLE Program
  • Dividing of US Retirement Assets for UK Family Law Attorneys and UK Actuaries (Part Two)
  • Stutman Stutman & Lichtenstein, LLP
  • QDRO & Retirement Asset Distribution (Part Two) Presentation to the Suffolk Judges and Principal Law Clerks
  • Queens County Matrimonial Bar
  • QDRO & Retirement Asset Distribution (Part One) Presentation to the Suffolk Judges and Principal Law Clerks
  • QDRO Presentation to the Women’s Nassau Bar Association
  • Dealing with US Pensions in UK Divorces: presented to the UK Law Firm – Farrer & Co.
  • New Police Pension Rules & Top Settlement Mistakes webinar for divorce attorneys


  • Dividing of US Retirement Assets Webinar for UK Family Law Attorneys and UK Actuaries
  • Several “Advanced Level Webinars on “QDROs and Drafting of Settlements Correctly”, presented to: The Suffolk Bar Association, The New York Women’s Bar Association, The New York Collaborative Association,   Long Island Divorce Mediation Peer Group, The Queens Bar Association, and the Connecticut American Academy of Matrimonial Lawyers (AAML).
  • Launched a monthly webinar series on QDROs, Valuation of Retirement Assets and Settlement Language Drafting.


  • Several lectures on QDRO Tips on Avoiding Malpractice; Drafting the Correct Settlement Language presented to: The Nassau Bar Association, The Suffolk Academy of Law, the New York Women’s Bar Association.


  • Retirement Planning, Investment Planning and Rate of Returns for Nassau County Women’s Bar Association


  • Women Council of Realtors “How to Blend and Manage Financial Lives, Assets and Interests”
    • Webinar “Divorce on Wall Street”
    •  Webinar “Divorcing Late in Life”


  • Jackson National – “Standing Financially Strong”


  • Jackson National – “Golden Rules of Money”. Preparing for Retirement; Rate of Returns Projections and Investment Planning.
    • ING Women’s Advisory Network Forum – Divorce Financial and Tax Issues”
    • Mceed Century Link’s Annual National Top Executives Business Event


  • Colorado Springs Estate Planning Council – “Tax Planning Tools in Divorce”


  • Colorado Family Law Section – “Review of the Basics & The Exotics”
    • Kiwanis Club – “Understanding Your Retirement Number”


  • Colorado Springs Family Law Section – “Taxes and Divorce”; the power of the 72(t)(2)(c) section”


  • Colorado Springs Family Law Conference – “The Role of a Financial Divorce Practitioner and Financial Planning Opportunities in the Division of Retirement Plans”

Speaking Engagements

Meet The Team

Kelly Toledano, JD
Senior QDRO Consultant

Over 10 years of legal experience, in French and in English, including court pretrial mediation and all Orders pertaining to separation of retirement assets. She has handled drafting and completing QDRO cases all over the US, including previously having her own QDRO drafting firm in MD, CO, FL, and PA, with publications in various Legal journal platforms. She was referred as the “go to” QDRO consultant on My Family Wizard. She is a Military Spouse, which has helped in her specialty of drafting Military Pension Orders and Government plans. She is also a member of the American Bar Association (ABA), American Translator Association (ATA), Military Spouse JD Network (MSJDN) and Florida Supreme Court as a Certified Mediator.

Omar Mirza - Pension Valuation Specialist
Omar Mirza
Retirement & Pension Valuation Specialist

Actuarial specialist with focused expertise in pension valuation and tracking of marital/non-marital components of retirement accounts. Over a decade of experience in extensive benefit calculations for defined contribution and defined benefits plans, IRS qualified and non-qualified splits, valuations of Cash Balance Plans, and determining premiums and cash reserves for future liabilities. Actuarial consultant for Fortune 100 companies and top pension funds globally.

Sharon Edelman
Executive Case Manager

Sharon is a paralegal with over 20 years of legal experience specializing in matrimonial matters. She has worked at several large law firms in the New York metropolitan area where she handled all phases of legal matters and litigation including pleadings, discovery, expert witnesses, subpoenas, attorney calendars, and filing of court documents. Prior to Tova QDRO, Sharon spent five years working as legal assistant to the VP and General Counsel of one of the largest trucking and freight companies in the Northeast, where she managed and maintained all of their legal cases.

Retirement Analytics Expert Team

Our highly experienced team provides retirement account data analytics, forensics and tracing of marital/non-marital components in retirement accounts. Experienced in handling expeditiously simple cases and handling efficiently complex cases that involve tracing of  multiple accounts, roll-overs, loans, and partially available data. Provides consultation and alternative options when data is only partially available. Organizes data and analysis into easy to understand reports for settlement discussions and/or for expert testimony.

Client Testimonials

We are very proud of the service we provide and stand by our work
“Denisa is a true pro. I trust her judgment and even when we’re dealing with a high asset case, she communicates efficiently and ethically. She makes a tough time easier for so many families.”


“I read the QDRO, it’s extremely detailed, it’s very thorough.”

Judge in Stamford, CT District Superior Court

“It has been a pleasure to work with Denisa on several QDROs, some of which were fairly complicated. She is attentive, diligent and prompt in drafting and revising the QDROs. With updates along the way, I know that the matter is being handled professionally and efficiently. When presented with more complex issues, she has offered pragmatic, problem-solving solutions. It’s great working directly with Denisa who is handling each QDRO with the personal attention of a financial professional”.


“Dear Ms. Tova: As a former district court and trial court judge for over 21 years, I want to extend my personal thanks to you for assisting citizens with dividing their finances rationally during their divorce. As a former state district court judge, I handled thousands of divorces and would have loved to have the types of services that you offer in divorce cases that I presided over.”

United States Magistrate Judge

“Denisa was engaged to prepare a Domestic Relations Order (DRO) for a non-qualified pension plan. She was insightful, exceptionally responsive, and collaborated effectively with me and my attorney. When submitted for approval, the Court commented that the DRO was extremely detailed, very thorough, and it appears to cover all the contingencies”.


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