Cross-Border Divorce Retirement Consulting and Valuation Services

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Valuation and Analysis of US Retirement Assets in Cross-Border Divorces

Settlement Consulting Regarding Cross-Border Divorces

Preparation of Expert Reports and Expert Testimony in Cross-Border Divorces

Preparation of the Proper Settlement Language to Divide US Retirement Assets in Cross-Border Divorces

Preparation of Orders to Share / Transfer US Retirement Assets

Client Testimonials

We are very proud of the service we provide and stand by our work
Very many thanks for the great presentation,
It is always a welcome surprise to learn that we live on different continents, but not in different worlds.
The issue remains outstandingly complicated in an international context, but it is time to start developing strategies to overcome it.
Therefore, I would like to encourage you to continue to promote your services to international audiences.
With warm regards from Berlin,

Lawyer from Germany

Thanks Denisa. It really brought home the importance of doing your legal and financial research in the country the pension is held. People often come to see us only after a pension sharing order is made in another country which can often be too late. In one case we were unable to ask the court to make the order as both parties had since remarried and there was no longer any jurisdiction!
A very useful talk. Thank you!

Solicitor from UK

I thought it was absolutely excellent; clear and informative.

Lawyer from Canada