Present Value of Pension Plans

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    Download & Return Form

    Complete and email / fax back the Service Intake Form and Follow Instructions on the Form 'FOR PENSION VALUATION ONLY.'

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    Sign Retainer & Provide Payment

    Denisa will provide you with a fee quote and a retainer for electronic signature and direct payment.

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    Provide Statements

    Provide the Statement of the Participant’s Accrued Benefit as of the Date of Valuation/Cutoff.

Please Note: The Plan Participant will be able to obtain their statement directly from his/hers pension benefit department. This statement will need to show his/hers “accrued benefit amount as of the date of cut off/valuation.” If this document is not provided, we will have to obtain this information via an authorized release from the Participant, which will add several weeks to this process (Plans are becoming less willing to provide information to a third party). Therefore, if your client can obtain this information directly, it will speed up the process significantly!

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