Our QDRO Preparation Process

To get started with a QDRO request
  • 1

    Download Form & Return With Settlement Agreement

    Download Form
  • 2

    Sign Retainer & Provide Payment & All Documents

    Denisa reviews the settlement language, provides you with a fee quote and a retainer for your client’s electronic signatures, and payment.

    Make a Payment
  • 3

    We Prepare Your QDRO(s)

    Once all requested documents have been received, we will provide all relevant parties with DRO draft(s) within a couple of business days.

  • 4

    We Obtain Pre-Approval

    Upon approval by the parties, and if offered by the plan administrator, we will submit the initial QDRO draft to the plan for a pre-approval.

  • 5

    You Are Ready To File

    Once notice of pre-approval is received, we will provide you with a clean copy of the pre-approved DRO for you to file in Court and subsequently forward to the Plan for their final approval. Please note that as we are not attorneys, we do not handle the filing. After this step, our services will be considered completed.

Important Notes:

1) To speed up the process, for each plan that needs a “QDRO”, please provide the following:

  • The most recent statement(s) that identify the plan.
  • QDRO Model Language & procedures. The “plan participant” can obtain these from the plan administrator.

2) We do not file the QDRO with the court or send certified copies of the QDRO(s) to the plan(s) as that is the function of either counsel for the parties or the parties individually, as the case may be.

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